With the development of the company,we subsequentely purchased 54pieces of equipment in home and abroad to invest to the manufacture..
The main equiment for manufacturing : CNC machining center., numerical control punching,Numerical control lathe, all types of numerical control & numerical display milling machine,Linear cutting,grinding machine,tapping machine, press rivet machine and all kinds of welding equipment.
The main inspection equipment:Numerical display micron measurement instrument, multi-projective inspection instrument, three-claw micrometer etc. ¡¡
CP1250Numerical control punching machine
normal dimension for the part is:1250mm*1250mm
machining the max thickness for the material:6.35mm
the maximum remotion velocity:74m/min
quantity of reamer(pcs):36
CNC controller:FANUC Oi-PC
Journey on X axis:1000mm
Journey on Y axis:600mm
Journey on Z axis:600mm
spindle-speed (rpm): 60¡ª8000
controller system: MITSUBISHI M64S
CZK6140 Numerical control lathe
the max diameter:400mm
the max circummote diameter : 240mm
the max length of part: 1000mm
revolutions per minute for principal axis :2000max

Coordinate Measuring Machine(CMM)
MOdel: MASTER 654T
Measuring Route(XY Axis):500*600*400MM
Measuring Software: OPEN DMIS of USA
Touch Probe: RENISHAW MCP of English
Accurracy:E=£¨3.5+4L/1000£©um (one way) R=4.0um


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